Purpose & Perception: a cupful of possibilities

This is an exhibition my newest body of work.

In September of 2012 I submitted a grant proposal to the Winnipeg Arts Council.  Included in the proposal was a project outline detailing what I was intent on creating.  Fast forward 8 months later and you have ‘Purpose & Perception : a cupful of possibilities.’

I received news that an Individual Artsist Grant from the Winnipeg Arts Council had been awarded to me and my project in December of 2012 and the following January I commenced work on ‘a cupful of possibilities.’

Special thanks to Mike & Maria of Dooryard Pottery for inviting me to fire in their kiln, and to the City of Winnipeg for their generous funding support through the Winnipeg Arts Council.  Thank you as well to the Edge Gallery Clay Center for allowing me to create the large pieces for the show.

Opening night is Thursday June 20th at Cre8ery Gallery from 7 -10pm


The exhibition is up Friday June 21st until Tuesday July 2nd during regular gallery hours.

Cre8ery Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12pm – 8pm, Wed & Fri 12 – 5pm, and Saturdays 12 – 4pm.

I hope you can join in the celebration of this new work.

Visit the event page on Facebook. click here

The following is my statement on the content the exhibition.

My interest in thinking about a functional piece of pottery as a useable sculpture has shifted my traditional presumptions of pottery and the way I approach creating my work.  Pottery is art.  Handmade ceramic utilitarian objects are art, but the language they speak is subtle, especially if intended for use.  Considerations have to be determined when the maker is visualizing a pot’s end use.  Sometimes these considerations are ignored, changing the purpose of the piece.

The objects I produce are to function both as usable clay vessels, and as unique sculptural objects.  Through this show, I want to take viewers on a journey from plain and simple utilitarian ware to more ornate and decorative pieces of sculptural ceramics. Some pieces are intended to elicit responses to their forms that transcend their functional aspects and can be appreciated for their three dimensional and sculptural content.  Some pieces are meant to be appreciated for their ease of use and approachable presence.

My work begins with the production of traditional pottery forms through handbuilding methods,  which are then shifted, twisted and combined with improvised textures.  The intrinsic impressionability of clay, in concert with the rich history represented in traditional forms is a source of excitement and inspiration for me.

The sculptural aspects of my work are cultivated by my aspiration to reconnect to nature.  Becoming an urban dweller I have lost some of the intimacy of my bond to the land I once had growing up in the in the deciduous forests and farmlands of Manitoba and boreal shield of Ontario. I find myself instinctively trying to fill this absence and recapture that connection through creating a dialogue between the refined clay vessels I create and the raw, sculptural aspects of my current studio work.


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