Warm & Bright

It’s Christmas time again.  Eggnog, stews, friends, snow, skating, rosy cheeks, skiing, warm light shining out through living room windows…. I could go on!  I happen to love winter.  And the holiday season!  I feel it’s a time when people relax, let the day-to-day stresses go and truly realize what’s important – slowing down, listening to others and sharing in laughter and joy.

I also love this time of year as it’s when I have traditionally hosted my Holiday Sale of ceramic wares.  This year will be no different!

I moved my studio out of my home this past July to 618 Arlington Street, Winnipeg, which is where the show and sale will take place.  The building I am in used to house a knitware manufacturer and has since been renovated into artist studios.

My studio is on the 3rd floor.  I am sharing with two other wonderful, talented and caring ceramic artists, Jessica Hodgson and Mallory Ryan who will also have their wares on display.

(scroll down to see images of the building, the poster for the show, and an image of my lovely shared studio!)


When:      December 13th 11am – 5pm

December 14th 12pm – 4pm

Where:    618 Arlington Street   *Parking is street parking so you may have to walk a bit!

Cash or Cheque

*I am located on the 3rd floor of the building!

Thank you for your continued support!
Christmas Sale 2014artlington-building








studio space




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